I came to Sophia after two years of struggle. I was feeling depressed, hardly enjoying and not realising the good that I had in my life. Even if my family and friends tried to help me, even if I tried very hard to get better, I realised I needed some help from the outside. At the same time, I discovered Sophia's work.

After only a few sessions, the difference in my life has been amazing and I feel like a different person now. Sophia was understanding, caring, funny to speak with and I knew from the beginning that a good connection with a coach was key for a change. She spent time talking about a lot of aspects of my life and giving me some ''homework'' to start these much needed changes. I also appreciated that she was writing emails after the sessions to make sure everything was fine and to sum up our meetings.

Having working on her recommendations, I feel now happy, more confident and enjoying a great time in my life. I'm happy I made the decision to ask for help and I'm really glad I came across Sophia.

I would recommend her to everyone !

Claire, United Kingdom

I'm not an easy client for coaching - I like complete freedom. And I'm good at rationalising, justifying or avoiding things. As such, the idea of working with a coach made me a little apprehensive, though at the same time, I was curious to see what I would unfold in the process.

I'm so glad I chose to work with Sophia. I found her approach very intuitive, fluid and supportive - especially when I found myself in patterns of resistance. And with her joyous nature, our sessions always leave me feeling uplifted, empowered and more compassionate towards myself.

It feels that coaching is second nature to her, perhaps from the wisdom she draws upon from her own personal challenges and past professional pursuits. She truly embodies her work.

Stacy, Australia

I can’t recommend Sophia highly enough - I was blown away by how tremendously she has helped me. In just a few coaching sessions, Sophia gave me deep understanding about what’s currently going on in my body and how I can perform simple actions to help improve my overall health and arthritis in particular.

I love how her approach is practical (using an impressive goal-chart and simple steps to reach your objectives) and insightful, whilst being deeply spiritual. Sophia guides you in a very natural, gentle manner. Give yourself the time to work with her, it’s worth it.

Mary, The Netherlands

I felt quick-tempered, stressed and at times, worthless on a regular basis. I needed to help myself as my family had begun to suffer because of me. I began to worry that my poor attitude would rub off onto my young influential children. I’d never forgive myself if this happened.

When my dear friend Sophia began her holistic counseling approach of physical and mental wellbeing, I decided I needed her help. While working with Sophia, we uncovered the core of my lack of self-confidence, and daily stressors that interfered with, and brought out the worst in me. Through taking on Sophia's carefully planned out weekly advice, activities and in-depth dietary recommendations, I began seeing things from a more positive perspective. I began to feel happier, more in control of my attitude, and more confident. I learnt how to beat negative self-talk and feelings through her support and advice.

Evidently, my sleep and eating habits play a huge role in my wellbeing, so we focused on both. Sophia introduced me to healthier delicious alternatives to assist in the increase of my daily vegetable intake. We also discussed my sleeping routine at length, making adjustments in order to combat sleep deprivation.

Sophia's in-depth sessions broke down and tackled central issues I was battling, successfully. Her ongoing communication via emails provided incredible support. I now feel more centered, confident and calmer. I feel I can handle and fight off negative self-talk through mindful tips Sophia helped me discover. More importantly than anything else, the bond with my daughter has only intensified through my over-all more positive calm attitude.

Alison, Australia