What is Aligned Nature?

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Aligned Nature is a web-based Holistic Health Coaching practice.  Health Coaching is a holistic modality that looks at many aspects of a person's life and investigates how these aspects are affecting their health and wellbeing and vice versa.  It takes a highly individualised approach, believing no two people are the same, and that their paths to health and wellbeing will be different.  It also draws on a number of different schools of thought on health and wellbeing, picking parts applicable to each client on an individual basis.  The goal is to see a client not only achieve a holistic state of health and wellbeing, but to also have the skills, self-understanding, and self-motivation to carry this throughout the rest of their life.  

Approach & Philosophy

Aligned Nature is ultimately about getting individuals truly clear on who they are, what they want, what they want to do, and how they are going to do it - essentially discovering and living their Aligned Nature.  A crucial first step toward health-related outcomes and success such as losing weight, healing from auto-immune diseases, or simply wanting to have more energy, is knowing why you want this outcome and how it relates to who you truly are.  Getting clear on who you truly are and what you truly want, without external influences, are also crucial.  From this place change and transformation is much easier, in all areas of your life, not just health-related areas.  

In the busy world we live in often we don't stop to think why we are doing things and what ultimate outcomes we are hoping to achieve.  Health itself is not a destination, it is a vehicle to getting us to where we want to be.  Therefore getting clear on what you ultimately want to achieve is a key first step in keeping motivation up if the path to health and wellbeing becomes difficult or has been difficult in the past.  Once you know what you truly want and can identify your Aligned Nature the practical steps to get there are much easier to achieve.

ALIGNED NATURE: Knowing and living in alignment with who you truly are

Simplicity & Individuality

What brings about health and wellbeing is different for each individual.  There is no one diet, one lifestyle, or one mindset, that will work for everyone.  This is why Aligned Nature takes a highly individual approach in developing a program for clients which is completely customised to them, their bodies, and what they want to achieve.

More and more scientific evidence is showing that eating real food, a.k.a from nature, is key to health, including preventing and treating all sorts of health conditions.  Aligning with Nature is one of the simplest things we can do to bring out health and wellbeing.  Of course, this is often easier said than done and much of the work I do with clients is focused on making this as practical and easy to adopt as possible for the lifestyle they are living, and the lifestyle they desire to be living. 

1. Making choices every day that bring you as close to nature as possible
2. Simplest route to health and wellbeing

About Sophia


Sophia is a Holistic Health Coach specialising in mind-body connection, weight-loss, healing through food, and wellbeing in a busy world. 

Taking influence from a number of alternative healing modalities for mind, body and spirit, such as Ayurveda, Yoga, and Buddhism, to combine with her science background in Exercise Physiology and Cardiology, Sophia brings the best of these worlds together in an individualised, simple, and effective way for clients.  Ultimately, Sophia works with clients to make changes that truly transform and benefit all aspects of their lives and help them find their Aligned Nature.

Qualifications and Memberships include:

Certificate of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching
Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science
Graduate Diploma of Exercise Physiology
Diploma of Medical Ultrasound (Cardiac)
Master of Business Administration
Member - International Association for Health Coaches